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The journal of a teenage boy...

A boy who:
Is young
Likes good music to listen to
Likes good books to read next to a fireplace
Loves big cities
Likes boys
Hates racism, prejudice, homophobia, bad music, Davis, conformity, following the masses, close minded people, and George Bush/war.
Listens when you talk
adrenaline, alkaline trio, almost famous, anarchy, art museums, bananas, berkeley, big cities, biology, black and white photography, books, bookstores, boys, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buttons, cafes, caffeine, canada, candles, celine dion, chinese food, chocolate, coffee houses, coffee shops, converse, cooking, cute boys, daft punk, daria, dashboard confessional, dayquil, documentaries, dorks, dreams, e.r., endorphins, evanescence, extra calcium orange juice, food, foreign films, gary jules, gay boys, gay guys, gay literature, gay pride, gay rights, girl interrupted, good books, good hygeine, good times with friends, guys, homosexuality, horror movies, hot boys, hot guys, hot showers, ice cream, ihop, independence, indpendent films, intellectual conversations, karma, konstantine, lgbt documentaries, lifehouse, lightning, listening, literature, liza minelli, local coffee shops, long walks, lord of the rings, losers, matchbox 20, messy hair, moulin rouge, movies, museums, music, neosporin, nerds, nice guys, noah wyle, nyquill, oatmeal, openness, paramedicine, patch adams, phallic food, philisophical conversations, philosophy, photography, pineapple juice, poetry, pretty boys, pretty emo boys, pretty gay boys, procrastinating, prozac nation, psychology, public transportation, queer as folk, radiohead, rain, reading, roller coasters, sad music, san francisco, sarah brightman, scary movies, sean biggerstaff, security, singing in the shower, six packs, skippy peanut butter, slc punk, sleeping, slug bugs, something corporate, spaghetti, stargirl, staying up all night, storms, sudafed, talking on the phone, techno, the dead walk '05, the discovery channel, the fifth element, the plain white t's, theatre, thought-provoking music, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tori amos, tracy chapman, trains, true love, trysts, ucberkeley, undressed, vertical horizon, virgin suicides, volkwagons, watching the sun rise, water, writing, youth in revolt, zoolander